Home Theaters & Ceiling Beams

Husband and I have been contemplating a home theater in our unfinished basement.  We got the idea when we went house hunting about 5 years ago.  We never even knew such a thing existed before then, but after seeing them, we knew it was something we wanted.  I’ve looked online and saw some really neat ones (just by googling home theater photos).  They are quite expensive so I don’t know how we’ll ever get to it but we’ll keep saving until we could get one built.

Here’s a couple of photos of the home theaters we saw last week.

Great Room Ceiling Beams

I’ve always been fascinated by the wooden beams inside a home.  Our current home doesn’t have them and I’m sure it wouldn’t look right either, but still, I think they are just amazing.  I’ve seen a couple of homes with these beams and they make the home so beautiful and cozy like a cottage in the mountains somewhere.

First Sign of Tulips and Orchids Using 55-200mm Lens

Spring is officially here! Well, actually the first day of spring was on Sunday, the 20th.  Last fall husband planted a bunch of tulips down both sides of the driveway.  Within the last few weeks I’ve checked both sides and didn’t see any sign of the tulips coming through.  I got worried thinking maybe husband planted them too low and too late in the year and they weren’t going to grow.

Yesterday, my 4-year-old and I decided to take a look again.  Of course, I was already discouraged so I didn’t think I’d see anything new but there it was.  A tiny little green life pushed through the cold earth and mulch.  I screamed and ran for the camera while my 4-year-old grabbed for the watering can.

Orchid Photos Using Nikon 55-200mm Lens

I normally take photos using the 18-55mm lens but last week I decided to use the 55-200 lens on the orchids just to see how they would turn out.  Here’s a few:


Painting Fun

My girls love painting.  It’s been awhile since they’ve painted so I decided to get them back into it.  I learned a few things from that experience:

1. Layer the wood floor with more than tiny sheets of plastic.

2. Make sure they wear old t-shirts.

3. Have enough hand towels or old cloths available.

They didn’t make a big mess and kept everything within the boundaries of the plastic but I was nervous at all times.  I knew better but I guess I really didn’t think things through.  Here are some photos of them painting and some nice pieces.

{close up of skeleton painting}

{Much closer view}

{Close Up}

{@Different Angle}

St. Patrick’s Day, Josh Groban Tour & Digital Layouts

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and I didn’t wear any green (and didn’t get pinched either, thank-goodness).  I don’t think I’ve worn green for the last three St. Patrick’s Day.  I tried to find pictures of the St. Patrick’s parade fr0m 8 years ago to post but couldn’t find them.  Kida was one at the time so I doubt she remembers it.  Maybe sometime in the future I’ll take the girls to the parade.

Here’s a bit of history on St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S:

The Charitable Irish Society of Boston organised the first observance of St. Patrick’s Day in the Thirteen Colonies. Surprisingly, the celebration was not Catholic in nature, Irish immigration to the colonies having been dominated by Protestants. The society’s purpose in gathering was simply to honour its homeland, and although they continued to meet annually to coordinate charitable works for the Irish community in Boston, they did not meet on the 17th of March again until 1794. During the observance of the day, individuals attended a service of worship and a special dinner. [Ref and more readings: http://en.wikipedia.org].

Josh Groban: Straight To You Tour

I AM SOOO EXCITED!  When I found out Josh Groban was coming to CO for the Straight To You Tour, I had to get my hands on the tickets!  This is a dream come true.

“And there is a light, from a higher window
Shining down on you tonight
And the music floats on the breeze
Bringing an easier time”
Higher Window by Josh Groban

Digital Layouts:

In honor of what should be arriving: Spring.

The background and elements are by Irene Alexeeva Designs.  They are from her Charming Easter kit.  The table in Kylie’s layout is from her Elvendor Valley kit.

…and for Digital Whisper’s challenge:

To read more about this layout and for credits, go to creationsbyhli.com.  ♥


Home Decorations: Browns

There are new homes being built in the community just north of where I live.  These homes are small as well and have the hiked up prices just the same.  The square footage run about 1400 sq. ft. up to about 2200 sq. ft.  I personally loved the sizes but husband thinks they’re too small.  I’m not too fond of brown paint in the house but the way these ones were decorated, they didn’t seem so bad.  It was actually comforting and warm.

Entry hallway: I love the simplicity of this hallway.  What really caught my eyes were the candle scones.  I’d like something like that in my home’s hallway.

Great room: This photo was very dark so I had to brighten it up a lot.  I wanted to just show the window, curtains, and decor.  This is similar to how I’d want the large windows in the great room in my home to look like.  I also like the contrast between the beige and brown walls.  Maybe I’ll consider painting the room similarly but with different colors.

Great room 2nd view: This view is of the same room above except I focused to the left more.  It looks really busy but the colors all go together so it’s actually pretty nice.

Master bedroom 1: This was the master bedroom of the first house (of 3 houses I saw).  The walls were painted an olive green which I thought made the room lively.

Master bedroom 2: This bedroom was nice.  It looks warm and cozy.  The walls were painted a charcoal-like color.  Normally, I would not like a dark color like this in the bedroom but somehow this didn’t look so bad.

Master bedroom 3: This bedroom was okay.  I really liked the headboard.

Dining room:  This dining room was tiny but cute.  I like how simple yet elegant the chandelier is.

Wall art:  It’s so important to have wall art in the home.  I have none right now in my home but that’s because I am clueless as to what I should put up.  I love seeing these large framed art in these homes.  I think I take more time looking at the wall art than anything else.  ♥

More Orchid Blooms & Size Comparison

I want to first show the comparison between the white orchid and the pink spotted orchid.  I had said before that the pink spotted orchid was about half the size of the white one and I wasn’t kidding:

Pink Spotted Orchid

Three more flowers bloomed since last week.  One of the bloom is upside down and another is sideways.  I have no idea how they got that way but it’s pretty different.  I believe the last time I took photos, there was only one bloom.  I think since these buds are smaller, they bloom faster.  The white one blooms slower, taking at least two to three days for one bloom.

Did you see the upside down one?  It’s not exactly upside down.  It’s more at an angle.  As for the one facing sideways, I’ll take better shots of it next time, since it’s blocked by buds in the one photo it’s in.

White Orchid

The white orchid is still beautiful as ever.  This first photo below was taken yesterday and the others were taken earlier last week.  The lighting looks different because they were taken at two different hours of the day.  These photos were also taken at different angles, which is one of my goals with these shots.

Last, but never least, another white orchid beginning to show signs of buds.  This one was given to husband and I by my brother and his wife.  I’ve circled where the buds are growing.