Valentine Digital Page: Kida

I decided to buy the full set from Irene Alexeeva Designs since just downloading the free one used for Kylie’s wasn’t enough.  I could have used it again with Kida’s but I wanted the designs for each girl’s to be different.  I had no idea that the elements came separately from the background pages.  It was quite overwhelming at first trying to decide how to put everything together but eventually I went ahead and gave it a try.  I came up with the design above.  The text were downloaded from a free site about two or three years ago.  You can definitely tell I’m a newbie.  My frame is pretty generic. I need to work on that.

The great thing about Irene’s pages is that they are 12×12 so they fit into those 12×12 plastic scrapbook cover sheets.  They can always be resized but they are perfect for what I am doing.

If you forgot how Kylie’s looked like, go here. ♥