Valentine Digital Scrapbook Page

The digital layout is from Irene Alexeeva Designs.  I added the photos and the cursive text.  The cursive text was from…gosh, I can’t remember.  They’re from a website I used to frequent. The text is called DearJoe.

Late last night, Kylie was trying to make a house on the couch with the couch pillows and a thin blanket.  I normally help her with it.  Once, I built her house like 10 times because she kept destroying them.  It got to the point where I refused to do it anymore.  She stopped asking and seemed to have forgotten about her house for awhile until last night.  Instead of asking for help, she went at it on her own.  She had some difficulty with the heavy pillows and blanket so she came over to me to ask if I could help her.  This was our conversation:

KYLIE: Mom, can you make my house?

ME [Busy reading something on the Internet]: Why don’t you ask Dad?

KYLIE: Okay.

[She goes over to her dad.]


DAD: Yeah?

KYLIE: Can Mom make my house?

[I’m laughing hard.  Her dad starts to laugh trying not to be too obvious.  He puts his head down on his desk to get the laugh out without doing it in her face.]

DAD: Sure.

[Kylie comes back to me.  She’s been serious all this time…no smile, laughs or anything.  Just a very serious expression.]

KYLIE: Mom, Dad said, “Yeah!”

MOM:  Okay…let’s go build your house.

[Kylie smiles and jumps up with her fists in the air and screams, “Yay!”]

I ended up giving her a bath before building her house since after I agreed, she was complaining that her bum bum was hurting.  She was only in her house for a little while before tearing it down and heading to bed.

About her bum bum hurting.  Kida went through the same thing and would take two baths a day.  They just aren’t wiping good but I think that’s just normal for toddlers. ♥